sleek dinnerware/dish set


Yes, I know this is not clothing related. But in my defense I really wanted to share this dinnerware set that my hubby surprised me with today. I’m sure you are asking why. Well, truth is that I wanted to share something that was home related. But not just any kind of home decor. I wanted to share something that was affordable and something that was stylish and could go with anyone’s decor. This set is the 16 piece Savion Square Porcelain Dinnerware set for $49.99. Now I think that is an amazing for what you are getting. This set is just simple yet sleek. It is just very clean & chic looking. I look forward to having dinner with friends and family. I’m gonna definitely be getting a 2nd so I never have to worry about not having enough for when friends & family are visiting. Let me know if you like this kind post & give a thumbs up.