Back to Work


The weekend is coming to an end and for some of us that means back to work tomorrow. Some of us have tomorrow off and in my next meeting post I have an outfit for you. I also know that this upcoming week there is school vacation and for those who have the whole week off, I will be posting outfits for you as well. This evening I put together an outfit from Pretty Little Thing. For the most part I believe there prices are so-so. It really depends on what you’re looking to buy. This outfit is strictly work inspired. And the prices could be better, but I wanted to create an outfit from PLT and share what the majority of prices look like. But also share that they don’t just sell jumpsuits & rompers. Pretty Little Thing has a variety of items to chose from & at all types of prices. Definitely check them out. If you enjoyed this post please be sure & give me a thumbs up